F Series Gear Box - Ram Gear Box

RAM Geared Motors are extremely efficient gear units which are compact and sturdy and capable of transmitting power with utmost efficiency. It can deliver torque up to 10,000 Nm with various possible ratios.

RAM geared Motors are aesthetically designed with various mounting options. They are having a wide applications in core industries like Cement, Power, Mining and other infrastructure-related machinery.

Types :

  • RAM offers various types of Geared motor models like
  • In-line Helical Geared Motor
  • Right Angle Bevel Helical Geared Motor
  • Parallel Shaft Mounted Helical Geared Motor

Specifications :

  • Ratios : Available in 3 and 5 stages and for Ratios of up to 2000:1.
  • Power: Higher power ratings for maximum torque from 0.25 Kw to 100 Kw and up to 10000Nm.
  • Mounts : Vertical, horizontal and direct drive mounting configurations.
  • Motor Sizes : IEC Frames from 63 to 280.
  • Lubrications : Oil splash type lubrication or Grease filled.

Product Features :

  • Input Versions : Geared motor, Motor-mount Reducer for IEC Motor and Reducer unit with Solid input shaft.
  • Output Options : Solid Shaft and Hollow Shaft.
  • Motor Options : Includes motors of types Standard, Brake, Flame-proof, Crane-duty.
  • Accessories : Backstop, Shrink Disc, Torque Arm.

Applications and Industries :

  • Conveyors and Feeders in Mining and Quarrying
  • Mixers
  • Cranes
  • Special Purpose machines
  • Pharmaceutical machines
  • Plastic and Printing machines
  • Road construction equipment
  • Rubber and paper industries
  • Ports, Airports, and Terminals
  • Wastewater treatment and biogas plants
  • Steel and Foundry