RAM’s worm reduction are characterized by high efficiencies, high load carrying capacities and complete reliability in service. Customers can select from wide choice of types and sized designed to meet almost any drive requirement in the most comprehensive range of worm gear speed reducers available in industries.

WORM and WORM WHEELS are manufactured to limits of accuracy of WORMS, integral with their Shaft manufactured from high quality case hardening steel. Worm threads are accurately generated and super finished on imported worm grinder. Bearing journals and shaft extensions are ground to fine limits, whilst oil seal tracks are ground and super finished

Specifications : (Some Salient Product Features of these units are:)

  • Ratios : Single reduction 5:1 to 70:1, Double reduction 25:1 to 4900:1
  • Models : 1.75”RU to 8” RU. Either FMU Design up to 17”.
  • Mounting position : Under driver, Over driven, Vertical, horizontal
  • Tail and direct drive mounting configuration.
  • Lubrication : Oil splash type lubrication.
  • Housing : Close grain cast iron case construction.

Product Features :

  • Input options : Chain, Coupling, and Belt pulley.
  • Output options : Standard hollow shaft.
  • Accessories : Backstop, Torque arm and Motor mounting.

Applications and Industries :

  • Cement Industry
  • Crushing Industry
  • Plastic and Paper Industry
  • Material Handling
  • Conveyors
  • Coal mill
  • Rice mill
  • Mixers
  • Special purpose machines
  • Road construction
  • Mining and crushing
  • Aggregate quarrying
  • Textile machines